The Infection Killer
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The Infection Killer

by Laura

I had a major problem. I have no health insurance and I was in a lot of pain in my lower abdominal area. The pain was evident in every aspect of my daily life. Walking, sitting, and even expelling gas and urinating were painful. I had no choice but to do research on what may be causing my pain. My conclusion was probable bladder infection.

Over the last few years, I have enjoyed reading information on the healing power of herbs. I have made my own lip balm, conjunctivitis (pink eye) remedy, herbal infusions and even a knee salve to help heal a pulled ligament. These are only a few of the many that I have tried. And they all worked.

There was an herb I read about often because it was so interesting. This herb is considered powerful for fighting infection. The name of the herb is Oregon Grape Root. So I started reading about it again to obtain all the information about this potent herb.

Has anyone heard of MRSA? Well, if you haven’t it is a staph infection that is resistant to even today’s powerful antibiotics. It is usually contracted while hospitalized and is common in nursing homes. It is very serious. Oregon Grape Root is claiming that it can be used in conjunction with the antibiotics to improve their effectiveness.

It is also an excellent herb for lots of different types of infections including digestive tract infections. To continue my story, I had to try it. I made a decoction using 1 once of Oregon Grape Root and 2 cups of water. Simmer until half the water has evaporated. I made the decoction twice a day for 7 days. I felt improvement in my pain after the first 24 hours. After 7 days I had no pain and no more symptoms.

I do have 2 warnings for you to consider before trying this on you own. First, it does have drug interactions and it is bitter in taste. But, if you can tolerate the bitterness it is well worth it!!

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