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Natural Bruises Treatment
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Natural bruises treatment include the use of homeopathic remedies, herbs, and vitamins.

A bruise is an injury caused by a bump or a blow to the body's soft tissues. The injury does not cut the skin but causes the blood vessels beneath the skin to rupture, spilling blood into the surrounding tissues and creating black-and-blue discoloration, as well as swelling and soreness.

For the bruise to heal, the body must re-absorb all of that spilled blood, which could take days or even weeks depending on the extent of the damage. The deeper the bruise, the longer it will take to heal.

Bruises also change in color. Immediately after the injury, the bruise is usually red. Then it will turn blackish-blue, and finally yellowish-green. When the bruise has reached its yellowish-green stage, it means that the body has worked to remove the dead cells and tissues and replace them with healthy new cells.

Causes of Bruises

Some possible causes of bruises include:
  • Injuries: Falls, sprains, pinches, and suction can cause bruises.
  • Anemia: People who have anemia tend to bruise easily.
  • Old Age: Older people also tend to bruise easily because the capillary walls in older people are more fragile and prone to rupture. Also, as people age, their skin becomes thinner and loses some of the protective fatty layer that helps to cushion the blood vessels against injury.
  • Medications: Certain medications such as aspirin and other blood thinners can also cause bruising.
  • Blood Diseases: Sometimes, unexplained bruising can be indicative of the onset of serious illnesses such as leukemia or hemophilia.

When to See a Doctor

See your doctor if:

  • You have unexplained bruising which results in unusually large or painful bruises.
  • You are bruising easily and are experiencing abnormal bleeding elsewhere, such as from your nose, gums or intestinal tract.
  • Bruises are located in unusual places, such as the back, the calves, or the backs of the arms.
  • Bruises do not heal.


Natural Bruises Treatment

Small, not-so-serious bruises can be dealt with by basic first-aid treatment - Apply ice or a cold pack several times a day for a day or two after the injury.

If the bruises are deep and sore, you may want to try the natural bruises treatment below. The vitamin supplements are particularly helpful if you are prone to bruising and you would like to make yourself less "bruisable" in the future.

Homeopathic Bruises Treatment

Homeopathic remedies are very effective in treating bruises. Choose a remedy that best matches your symptoms and follow the instructions on the label.
  • Arnica montana: This remedy is excellent for any injury to the soft tissues. It is generally the first remedy to use for bruising, especially if the bruises are caused by impact with blunt objects. It is also used for early stages of sprains and strains that result in bruising. The symptoms typically feel worse from touch and motion and feel better with a cold compress and in the open air.
  • Bellis perennis: This remedy is helpful for bruises caused by trauma in deeper tissues, especially of the abdomen, the back, and the breasts. It is also used for bruises that do not respond to Arnica. Use this remedy when a bruised area develops swelling and a feeling of stiffness or coldness. Movement and rubbing the injury can bring about improvements.
  • Hamamelis: This remedy is effective for injuries to the veins and for black eyes. Usually there is intense soreness associated with the bruise.
  • Ledum palustre: This remedy is for bruises that are a result of puncture wounds, as well as for bruise-type injuries such as sprains and strains that have become very puffy and swollen. Cold applications such as ice-packs bring some relief.
  • Ruta graveolens: This remedy is helpful for bruising of bone coverings, such as the shin-bone, or from a cartilage or joint injury. The area is very sensitive to touch, and the bone aches.
  • Sulphuricum acidum: This remedy is for large, red or black-blue, itchy bruises that do not heal. This remedy is indicated for people who feel tired after a bruising injury or those who tend toward easy bruising.


Natural Bruises Treatment - Vitamins

Two important vitamins for bruises are:
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps to strengthen the collagen around the blood vessels and help to heal bruises and other wounds. In particular, for older people who are prone to bruising, daily supplements of vitamin C at the level of 500 to 1,000 mg can be effective. Also consume fruits that are rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids, such as oranges and other citrus fruits.
  • Vitamin K: Vitamin K has long been used to promote blood clotting and prevent bleeding. Vitamin K strengthens blood vessel walls, so it also makes people less prone to bruising. The best way to use vitamin K for bruising is to apply a topical Vitamin K 1% cream (Vitamin K Clarifying Cream) to the bruises. To prevent bruising, take 500 mcg of vitamin K daily. **Do not take this vitamin if you are taking blood-thinning medications.**


Natural Bruises Treatment - Herbs

Quite a few herbs can be used as natural topical bruises treatment, such as:

  • Arnica: The herb arnica has pain-relieving, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in treating bruises. Apply arnica oil or gel topically over the area of the bruise several times a day.
  • St.-John's Wort: Although this herb is famous for its anti-depressant properties, it is in fact also an excellent wound-healing herb. It is useful for treating bruises, burns, cuts and other wounds. Use the oil of this herb and apply it topically over the area of the bruise several times a day.
  • Witch hazel: The leaves and bark of witch hazel has astringent properties, making witch hazel an effective herb for all sorts of skin conditions, from bruises to varicose veins.
  • Parsley: Some people have reported that repeated applications of crushed parsley leaves to bruises will usually clear up the black-and-blue marks within a day or so.


Natural Bruises Treatment - Essential Oils

Essential oils that are effective for treating bruises include:

  • Hyssop
  • Lavender
  • Geranium
To treat a bruise, you can apply a cold compress with Hyssop oil as soon as possible after bruising. Alternatively, add 5 drops of any of the above oils to 2 tablespoons of carrier oil, or even better, Arnica oil, and apply the oil mixture topically over the bruised area.


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