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Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

Home remedies for morning sickness are effective in fighting the unpleasant experience of vomiting and nausea during pregnancy.

Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

Vomiting and nausea (morning sickness) are very early symptoms of pregnancy. Many pregnant women experience morning sickness in their first trimester. The exact cause of morning sickness is not known, but some doctors say that it is due to hormone changes and deficiency of vitamin B6.

Although these early symptoms of pregnancy are traditionally termed "morning sickness", many pregnant women can attest to the fact that vomiting and nausea can occur at any time of the day or the night!

Morning sickness during the first trimester is considered normal. However, if you continue to have the symptoms after the 12th or 13th week, you should consult with your doctor. In addition, if you have severe vomiting, make sure that you do not get dehydrated.

Home Remedies for Morning Sickness - Herbs

Ginger is a very safe and effective herb in treating nausea and vomiting. Reserch has shown that 28 out of 32 pregnant women taking ginger herb saw their morning sickness symptoms subside. Research has also found no adverse effects of ginger on the mothers and babies.

You can take ginger herb supplements or drink a fresh cup of ginger tea 2 to 3 times a day.

Other herbs that are beneficial for calming the stomach include chamomile and red raspberry. You can drink tea of these herbs throughout the day.


Home Remedies for Morning Sickness - Vitamins

As mentioned above, morning sickness may be caused by Vitamin B6 deficiency. You may consider taking Vitamin B6 supplements to tackle the problem.

Another vitamin that has been found to be effective in relieving morning sickness is Vitamin K. A daily dose of 5 mg may do the job.


Home Remedies for Morning Sickness - Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are safe and fast-acting and are excellent in alleviating symptoms such as acute vomiting and nausea. For this to work, however, you need to choose the remedy that most matches your symptoms.

There are quite a few homeopathic remedies that can be used for vomiting and nausea, such as:

  • Sepia - This remedy is effective if your morning sickness is triggered by odors. Also, you tend to crave sweets, vinegar, and sour foods.
  • Lacticum Acidum - This remedy is effective if you feel nausea as soon as you wake up, and you feel better after eating.
  • Ipecacuanha - This remedy can relieve nausea and vomiting, especially if you feel constant nausea and the feeling is not relieved by vomiting.
  • Nux Vomica - This remedy also relieves nausea and vomiting. Use this remedy if your morning sickness is also accompanied by constipation and heartburn.

Homeopathic remedies can be purchased in natural healthcare stores. A low potency (such as 30C) is recommended. Follow the instructions on the label for dosage.


Home Remedies for Morning Sickness - Aromatherapy

The essential oil Spearmint is excellent for alleviating symptoms of morning sickness. One good way to use this oil is to put about 5 drops of the spearmint oil in a bowl of boiling water and place it by your bed overnight. The essential oil molecules will waft up in the air and calm your stomach. Give it a try!

Another essential oil that can ward off nauseated feeling is ginger. Put 2 to 3 drops of ginger essential oil in a bowl of boiling water, drape a towel over your head (like a tent), close your eyes, relax, and inhale the steam from the hot water for about 5 minutes.

Other Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

Here are some other home remedies for morning sickness that work for many pregnant women:
  • As B vitamins can help stop the queasy feeling in your stomach, you may want to include foods rich in B vitamins in your breakfast, such as oats, wheat germ, or whole-grain toast.
  • As mentioned above, Vitamin K is also effective in preventing nausea, so include lots of leafy greens in your diet.
  • Stock up on fresh ginger roots or lemons. Whenever you feel like throwing up, try sucking on a slice of lemon or chewing a piece of fresh ginger root. This can stop the nauseated feeling and give you some relief.

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